Continuous Aluminium Liner For Concrete Block & Finlock Style gutters


Stage 1

Finlock guttering Your existing gutter showing debris restricting the flow of rainwater. This allows pools of water to penetrate into Finlock gutters causing damp, mould and rainwater to leak inside property.

Stage 2

concrete gutter removal Remove lower roof tiles and place  to one side. Where properties have under eaves tiles these may be removed and replaced with treated batten and eaves vent fillers.

Stage 3

finlock gutter relining Cut back lower felt and remove all debris from gutter ensuring smooth bed for new aluminium liner.

Stage 4

waterproof concrete gutters Measure and run out exact lengths required for each individual property using 381mm x 0.7mm powder coated aluminium coil mounted in installer's vehicle. Cut all angles at 45degrees (if applicable) before lifting into gutter.

Stage 5

finlock gutter repairs Insert aluminium liner into gutter and fix at approx 1mtr intervals using 5x30 hammer fixings. Fit new 60mm plastic insert through new liner and directly onto original down pipes and seal.

Stage 6

continuous aluminium liner Rivet all corners using aluminium rivets and seal using Arbo1096 sealer (see for full spec). Where installation is one side of a semi detached, primer is used to seal concrete before sealing end.

Stage 7

concrete block gutters Renew lower eaves felt with  'DPC' ensuring lower edge lays directly into new aluminium liner.

Stage 8

guttering repair solutions Finally replace roof tiles replacing any that are broken, final clean and seal tops of fixings.

Stage 9

high performance finlock gutters Where soil pipe runs directly through Finlock guttering this will be cut approx 230mm below gutter level and swan necked around gutter using 110mm plastic soil pipe in black or grey and fixed. Original hole will be cemented.

Stage 10

low maintenance concrete block gutters Where properties have 'T' Block, profiled or non-profiled Royston finlock gutters installed, additional outer capping to be used to allow for wider gutter edge as shown.

Permanent Solution, No Maintenance, High Performance, Cost Efffective

Rainshield continuous Aluminium liner for concrete block & Finlock style guttering. Rolled on-site to specification, the seamless Aluminium liner creates an effective maintenance free, leak proof channel. The flat smooth bottom allows self cleaning and promotes excellent rainwater flow characteristics. We cover a large part of the UK . For more information please contact us. Your quotation will be treated professionally, completely FREE of charge and totally without obligation. Contact